Park Services

Proofreading and Editing Services

Commencing in February of 2007, we will be offering proofreading and editing services for both fiction and non-fiction manuscripts.

The proofreading service encompasses line-by-line editing of spelling, punctuation, grammar and sentence structure.

The editing service addresses the contexture and composition of the complete work and includes a comprehensive critique regarding word use, transitional devices, plot development, use of setting, narration and dialogue, characterization, thematic and structural components. We provide an assessment of the full intellectual and creative movement of the work from beginning to end.

Please do query us before your submission of any manuscripts.

Credentials are available upon request.


Publishing Services

Although we are not actively soliciting unpublished manuscripts at this point in time, we will, however, provide publishing services in the foreseeable future. Please review our website periodically should you wish us to consider your manuscript for publication.